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(Updated Oct 16, 2008: Great Wall - Alternative Lenses)

The work shown on this site was taken in the Fens of England, Loch Ness in Scotland, Taiwan, Angkor in Cambodia, and Saitama and Tokyo in Japan.

There are also pages about some of my cameras, for those who are wondering whether to buy, say, a Lubitel, or just got a Chang Cheng and are wondering how it works. Or perhaps you are even lucky enough to have a Panoraman!

The personal pages are for family and friends - contact me for a password. My flickr pages are here.

All the photos and text on this site are copyright of Gary Heayes. If you like my pictures and want to use them, or if you have a question about something on the site, please contact me at

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Porter, of the Tokyo Photo Workshops, for his invaluable teaching, advice and inspiration.

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